Tech support scam targets Mac users

Technical support services are very popular among all tech users while this may assists in resolving some complex problems on the other hand they are used by scammers. Malwarebytes security researchers are alerting over this week of an increase in the malicious activities that target Apple systems. the attack is using technical support website with a pop-up that ask victim to call a support number.

The scam claims to find security issues on end user system and it is important to call the tech support to apply security requirement. this is a paid service and any assistance will be paying the scamers without any result. Tech support may ask to have a remote access to system to get logs that may include sensitive information as well.

Mac1Tech support Fake website sources Malwarebytes

The fake webpage include a java code that allow several pop-up in case that victim close the browser.  also the same scam will run on all Apple system including iPhone which increase the number of affected users. If you see similar scam make sure to ignore the fake page and clear your browsing history.

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