TeamP0ison Leaks Old UN Email Credentials

Teamp0ison a hacking group have managed to breach servers that are belonging to the united nation, more than thousand of email account have been leaked on pastbin that include usernames and passwords for UN employees.

Up to now we have no details on how they breached the system but by looking at the list most emails domain are in the which should be a mail server for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Along with the email credentials attacker published a message to justify the attack “ The overseer of many atrocities from Rwanda to Darfour to the inaction in Yugoslavia to the creation of the State of Israel and the disposition of the Palestinian people, the UN has become a beast that must be stopped or tamed!“

Here by looking to passwords they are so simple, some of them are number based other are three letter combined with three numbers, this brings doubt in how United Nation will be using such passwords. after one day of publishing information a Staff from UNDP confirmed that these credential are for old server since 2007 and system are not any more used by employees.

Now to secure your online accounts be sure to use a whole phrases and not just words combined with characters , try to change your password often and if they are stored in a database or server be sure that they are encrypted.

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