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More than 1 Million Victims Used By Rmnet.12 Botnet

After Flashback operation where Doctor Web security software lab reported a 600 thousands infected Apple mac, new press release have been issued to another zombie network which contain more than one million hosts. Win32.Rmnet.12 is the malware used in this

iPhone Next up for Hackers

Botnets is becoming the biggest threat and arrived to all system in the globe even mobile devices, I don’t think that there is a person have not been a victim to Botnet, there is many people thinks that the operator

DDoS Attack Target Swedish Police Network

According to thelocal news Swedish police website was subject for a DDoS attack last week. The result of this attack was a complete disrupt of the official website. On the High traffic the server can treat about 800 requests per

Zombies an Increasing Concern

Computer zombies are out to get you. That may sound like a tagline from a bad B movie, but there’s truth behind it. A “zombie” in the computer lexicon is a computer that has been taken over by a piece

Researcher: Worm infects 1.1M Windows PCs in 24 hours

It would make ‘one big badass botnet,’ says Finnish security company The computer worm that exploits a months-old Windows bug has infected more than a million PCs in the past 24 hours, a security company said today. Early Wednesday, Helsinki,