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ZeuS Botnet with Excellent Customer Care

On some hacking forums user of ZeuS expressed disappointment as they are not finding improvement in the malware program. The problem that they need to update source code to find new bugs allows having more income. According to Brian Krebs

ZeuS Spreading via Facebook Friends Request

New spamming campaign has been reported by Trend micro. This type of malware is spreading through Facebook.  The downloaded malware is another type of Zbot, also called Zeus a Trojan horse that attempts to steal confidential information from the compromised

IRC-Based Botnets Almost Vanishing!

Botnet Number that is controlled over web servers are five times the number of botnets controlled by IRC-channels this is according to a new research conducted by Team Cymru Security experts. The IRC botnet has decreased significantly due to some

Zeus banking Trojan targets mobile phones too

The Zeus banking Trojan, which targets Windows-based computers, is now being used to target victims’ mobile phones too, according to several researchers. Fortinet said today that it had uncovered new mobile malware dubbed SymbOS/Zitmo, which stands for Zeus in the

Zeus baddies unleash nasty new bank Trojan

Hackers have created a new version of the Zeus crimeware toolkit that’s designed to swipe bank login details of Spanish, German, UK and US banks. The malware payload, described by CA as Zeus version 3, is far more selective in

Malware is Hiding in Amazon Cloud

Cybercriminals have made this week unforgettable for Amazon team this is after that security researchers have reported existing of Zeus Botnet at The cloud-based EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) control center. The incident has been detected after a Password-stealing Zeus banking