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Honeywell WebSite Open to XSS and More

Shadab Siddiqui a security researcher have just revealed several critical vulnerability at honeywell.com , redhat.com, pinterest.com, alshaya.com websites, cross site scripting vulnerability allows attacker to inject an iframe in the website to run a malicious script on visitors computers.  Also

Kaspersky Site Vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting Assaults

Kaspersky Lab site is now open to XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks together with Iframe injections. This is not good for any company, especially for a company dealing with security. An XSS attack launches when a web program collects vicious data

Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Elgg <= 1.7.9

New vulnerability has been discovered in Elgg an open-source application that helps to create social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications. Well-known Organizations with

Beware of A New XSS on Facebook

New Cross-site scripting vulnerability has been detected on Facebook and widely exploited in the mobile API version, this vulnerability allows a malicious user to include JavaScript content into a website and redirect victim’s browser to the prepared URL. I have

Cross-site scripting on YouTube

XSS vulnerability in YouTube comments processing allows an attacker to execute arbitrary scripts in the security context. Go on youtube. Choose any video. Add the following script: [php]<script>IF_HTML_FUNCTION?<h1><marquee><font color="red"><u>add your comment here<script>[/php] Update (1): It is better to stay away