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Infosec Weekly Radar, February 20 – 26 ,2012

A Brief History of Firewalls and the Rise of UTM The first article is a guest blog by Richard Stiennon, security expert and Chief Research Analyst for IT Harvest, the article covers one of the most important security device which

Infosec Weekly Radar , February 13 – 19 ,2012

Eircom Study Hub Breached Eircom one of the major teleco operators in Ireland have been faced by a cyber-attack where hackers managed to get 8,404 users credential for Studyhub servers, Brian Honan have released a blog post about the SQL

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Black Friday: 5 Tips to Stay Safe this Holiday Season The first up is five useful tips from GFI about how to be safe during the holidays, these steps are very important for all your online activities so be sure

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Malware Signed With a Governmental Signing Key F-Secure Lab have found this week a malware that are digitally signed by a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute. http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00002269.html WireShnork – A Snort plugin for

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Tunisian Honeynet portal is launched tunCERT have launched their Honeynet portal that include several public information about malwares and cleanup services, portal display and map attacks in the cyberspace. Now you can join LinkedIn group or follow the update on