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Secunia Releases Patch Management Utility

Secunia Danish computer security service provider announced the final version of the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector 4.0 (CSI 4.0). This tool may identify vulnerabilities for about 13 000 applications from 2300 developers. CSI 4.0 has a free trial version which

TippingPoint and Qualys Together To Mitigate Network Security Risks

TippingPoint and Qualys Network security companies are about to develop and deliver a Network security software, to provide their customers a full package for corporate Network security. Both companies are looking to build a business partnership to enhance their customer

Methods to Avoid Zero day attack

Updating software packages, configuring firewall properly and implementing an antivirus solution can help to guarantee good security for a home user. But when it comes for corporate information system that provides services for public network and have an outside access,

The Cost Of Fixing An Application Vulnerability

The cleanup cost for fixing a bug in a homegrown Web application ranges anywhere from $400 to $4,000 to repair, depending on the vulnerability and the way it’s fixed. Security experts traditionally have been hesitant to calculate the actual cost

Damn Vulnerable Linux – DVL – Another V.A Platform

Damn Vulnerable Linux is another interesting platform for pen testing and vulnerability assessment, it is created for training purposes to IT-Security professional during a university lessons by the IITAC (International Institute for Training, Assessment, and Certification) and secure software Engineering

Protection Poker: Game to Secure Application Development

Researchers from NC State have developed a new approach to discover the risk assessment in software security and ensure the application development safety. This new system is called Protection poker and designed to help developers to determine the possible location

BackTrack 4 Beta – Shmoo release

Backtrack needs no introduction in the security and hacking world. It is an excellent bootable live-CD Linux distribution, with a huge collection of security and hacking tools. After seven months of effort here comes the Remote Exploit Dev team with