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Mr.SIP – SIP-Based Audit and Attack Tool

Mr.SIP is a tool developed to audit and simulate SIP-based attacks.

GHOST Secure, Anonymous Calling Service

Today we have several companies that provide online communication services such as skype, viber, whatsapp and more. The problem with all these systems that they do not guarantee the privacy of users and you will need to provide your personal

Viproy – VoIP Penetration Testing Kit

VoIP security testing is important to verify the quality of your system before it is moved into production. One of the tool that you can consider for pentest VoIP is Viproy.  This tool have been presented on DefCON and include

10 Biggest Complaints About Mobile Providers

Like everything else in life, mobile service providers have their good and bad points. In a perfect world, maybe we’d find one with the perfect plan and no down side. Since we aren’t aware of any cell towers in Paradise,

VoIP service and the security issues

Security concerns have always haunted the new-to phone users that have adopted internet phone as an alternate to landline phone. Like all other technologies running on internet prone to hacking, VoIP phone can also get hacked by a maliciously intended

Hacking Exposed VoIP/SIP

VoIP systems becoming increasingly popular, attracted people are not only legitimate users that are looking to use it in their business but those who would like to make free calls at other people’s expense. SIP devices are often attacked, with

Hacking Approach to VoIP & Skype

Skype certainly provides a very nice way for voice communication and chat, but questions remains: Is the system is secure and reliable? Can outsiders capture the conversation or intercept data? To answer these questions, we will be searching different previous