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31,98% of Computers worldwide Infected

Security Software Company PandaLabs have published a new report with statistics of malwares distributed on personal computers in 2012. According to this report 27 million new malware sample are observed during this year with average of 74,000 new malware daily.

BlackHole Exploit Kit Delivered as Google Analytics

Websense Security Company has reported a new attack that aims to spread malicious software. According to blog post screenshot attackers used Google Analytics system to prevent webmasters from detecting the malicious code. Google Analytics is widely used by website owners

iScanner Utility for Cleaning Infected Websites

One of the major problems that we face on Internet is infected website, some website owner they are not aware that they are hosting viruses. Usually criminals inject malicious code on to innocent web pages by using Google search engine

Utilities for Automating Rootkit Analysis

A rootkit is software that enables continued privileged access to a computer while actively hiding its presence from administrators by subverting standard operating system functionality or other applications. Rootkits are using hooking technique to intercept function calls or messages or

Fake Windows IME Trojan

Security researchers at Websense have discovered a new Trojan that are using a windows system to disable and delete antivirus software and compromising victim machine. The Malicious program installs itself as the Windows input method editor (IME) and then stop

Fake Software Updates Infecting Computers

New malware has been observed by Vietnamese computer security company Bach Khoa, The Malicious software overwrites programs update to bypass antivirus software. W32.Fakeupver.trojan is the name of this new Trojan, first what the malware do is replacing automatic update system

New York Times warns readers of website virus

New York Times one of the largest News paper in the USA has warned readers of its website on Monday about malicious software masquerading as an advertisement. This is after some bloggers reported that when opening the New York Time