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TrendMicro Alert of BKDR_KULUOZ Attachment

On a daily bases we are finding new ways that are used by malicious users to spread their malwares. TrendMicro issued a new blog entry for another malicious campaign that is promoting BKDR_KULUOZ.PFG a well-known backdoor that was firstly seen back

TrendMicro Alert of Malware Inside MS PowerPoint Presentation

Vulnerable program is the first way an attacker will use for getting access to remote systems, Trend Micro lab reported new malicious PowerPoint file that contain a backdoor and spreads via email messages. By opening the infected attachment a shellcode

Trojan SabPub Hits Mac Users Over Java and Microsoft Office Vulnerability

It seems that Apple is getting more security troubles in the last period as another malware that have been reported by several security software firms and targeting Macs users. After a long period without risk of malwares Dr.Web has reported

Jeremy Lin Document Prompts A Malicious Attack

After Facebook Whitney Houston Autopsy Video another spamming campaign has been reported by TrendMicro security experts. the detected malicious activity is using the popular NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. the New York Knicks star is getting an increased popularity that

BlackHole Exploit Kit Delivered as Google Analytics

Websense Security Company has reported a new attack that aims to spread malicious software. According to blog post screenshot attackers used Google Analytics system to prevent webmasters from detecting the malicious code. Google Analytics is widely used by website owners

Temple Run Fake Version Infect Android Users

Mobile malware on the rise, another case has been detected by Trend Micro Lab that targets Android smartphones. Attackers used Temple Run a widely used game application to spread and attract users to their malicious software. The most interesting is

Review: uCertify CEH v7 your Quick path to be certified

Today we hear a lot about new generation of IT Security certifications, you go to Linkedin and you find all people adding their certifications on their profiles and this can be a good way to promote their appearance on different