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Check Point: Necurs is back on November Top10 Online Threats

Check Point security company published a new report for the most active threats online. when we look at the report we found that there is a return for Necurs a malware that have been actively used during U.S. Thanksgiving holiday

September’s ‘Most Wanted’ Malware List By Check Point

Security researchers at Check Point published a monthly threat report for September 2016. This report have shown an increase in the global rensomware attack by 13%. This type of malware is dangerous because it locks important file on infected system

SecTechno 2009 Top 10 Security Entries

2009 was a very interesting year in the info security sphere. By the end of this year I wanted to list the top posts in term of reader’s number and providing the value of these posts. 1- Scapy: Massive hacking