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Playing Around Malwares

When you are running an antivirus many people do not like the fact that the AV removes the malwares directly, without asking for permission. Especially if a person looking to analyze or reverse viruses there is no chance to find

Building your OWN Malware Lab (Part 1)

Malicious software pieces like viruses, worms and bots are currently one of the largest threats to the security of the Internet. Antivirus Labs have invested great Money for analyzing and reversing viruses, but for our case we can perform the

New major updates for Sysinternal

Sysinternal announced some major updates for their tools package. The most interesting in these updates is the end life of Filemon and Regmon and adding a number of enhancements for Procmon, including new by-extension and by-directory views in the File

Three new updates in Sysinternal

Sysinternals have announced lately three applications updates on there blog: Autoruns v9.5: This update to Autoruns, a powerful autostart manager, adds display of audio and video codecs, which are gaining popularity as an extension mechanism used by malware to gain