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Cyph – Quantum Computing Resistant Messaging

Cyph is a cryptographically secure messaging and social networking service, providing an extreme level of privacy combined with best-in-class ease of use.

Top 5 Web Security Issues (Video)

Cyber attacks are taking several forms and here is a short video by GFI that describe web threats and the way to avoid being cybercriminals next target.

FBPwn – Facebook social engineering framework

Today we are sharing all our sensitive information on social networks websites such as Facebook, twitter and more. I have just used a very nice tool that you can use on your lab as a PoC about how it will

More than just social networking

Whether you “tag”, “poke” or “tweet”, or prefer a more “delicious” “digging” or “flickering” online experience, you are engaging in something more than just social networking. You are part of an e-revolution that is changing many of our core beliefs,

Kuwait: Cybercrooks target over a billion users

The rapidly increasing interaction of consumers with social online networks, mobile phones and other intelligent devices has brought about significant lifestyle benefits that are under a serious threat from cybercriminals according to an international virus analyst. Addressing the audience of

Facebook security settings

Facebook and other social networking sites can be a great way of keeping in touch with former friends from high school, university and various jobs. But using such sites does come with different risks. Here you can find some best