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Scammers promise to pay you back as soon as they get home

Skype and any instant messaging system is trusted by user, this makes any account hacked can be used by attacker to make scams and have some income. New case have been posted on Kaspersky blog where attacker compromised one contact

Skype Vulnerable to HTML/(Javascript) Code Injection

New HTML Javascript Code Injection vulnerability have been discovered in Skype the flaw code and PoC are published on Noptrix website, affected software version is Skype or older that are installed on windows XP , Vista or se7en. Skype

Hacking Approach to VoIP & Skype

Skype certainly provides a very nice way for voice communication and chat, but questions remains: Is the system is secure and reliable? Can outsiders capture the conversation or intercept data? To answer these questions, we will be searching different previous

New Worm Attacking Skype users

Security experts at Trend micro warned of a new attack targeting Skype users, this attack are a Botnet similar to Koobface that made a big panic on Facebook. According to the report the Botnet steals the users contact list, phone