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Don’t Let Usability Issues Compromise Security

Anyone who has worked in an office environment as probably received an email or alert notifying staff that it’s time to change their login passwords (again) — and that those passwords have to meet an ever growing list of criteria:

Simplerisk Enterprise Risk Management Platform

Infrastructure security contains several sources of logs and information that is used to measure security risks in the environment, we have application and system vulnerabilities, antimalware’s, network vulnerabilities intrusion detection and prevention systems and honeypots. All are sending events that

Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS) Application

Verizon launched a new service that will allow companies to spread information about hacking attempts. This will be done to other companies who find themselves in similar situations, take into account the experience. Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS)

Open-Source Risk Monitoring Platform

Ensuring security in modern computer networks with a large number of hosts and devices requires a great effort, and keeping track of all events and logs becoming more and more difficult. It is important to have a vulnerability management system