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Why Patch Management Should Not Be a Fire and Forget Operation

We all know that patch management is an essential task to keep our network safe. There are various approaches to running a patch management process. Windows allows an administrator to set the auto-update system to automatically install patches when these

GFI Languard Complete LAN Security Scanner and Patch Management

Depending on organizations structure and IT Infrastructure, the process for deploying new patches on operating systems can be complex and take considerable time. GFI Languard automates and simplifies this process, to make the transition quickly, almost without interruption to the

Threat Blocking With Network Inspection System (NIS)

False positives high number and complexity of signatures development can makes some intrusion detection and prevention systems useless. How many time you visit an organization especially small to medium business that do have a firewall includes IDS/IPS and the system

Important tips for server patch management

Although server patch management is unlikely to be a topic that excites the average network administrator, an effective strategy for the deployment of updates is essential to avoid unexpected downtime and risks to company data. As soon as knowledge of

An important shield against malware: Patch management software

Your body is a network. Every day, different germs and viruses can attack different areas of your body. Each attack has a different effect on your system – a cold can last for a few days, but a serious chest

Guest blog : Keeping Your IT Systems Secure and Up to Date

For organizations that want to keep their computer network secure, the most basic thing they can do is to keep it patched. It’s not necessarily the most glamorous work out there for your overworked and overstretched IT people (which is