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Google Chrome OS: Too secure to need security?

A leading security researcher has warned that Google risks repeating Apple’s mistakes on security with its new Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system designed to work exclusively with web applications. Chrome netbooks running the new OS

Microsoft to Fix 12 Vulnerabilities On Tuesday, While Sophos Alerts of fake Microsoft updates coming through email

On this Tuesday we are going to have the regular monthly update by Microsoft the release will include a set of patches to fix 12 problem, we can find among the patches a fix to Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability. These

Apple releases 45 patches for iPhone, iPod

Big number of fixes surprising, but no known malicious software for devices Apple Inc released 45 software patches on Wednesday to address rare security vulnerabilities in its popular iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. The company released them as part

L0phtcrack 6: the old guard is back!

After more than three years since Symantec stopped the support and development of L0phtcrack the tool that provided a titanic opportunity for passwords auditing and recovery. Here comes yesterday the same team with the new version L0phtcrack 6. As the

Windows Vista and Win2K8 SP2 available

Microsoft has made the Windows Vista and 2008 Service Pack 2 available for download (32 bit and 64 bit). It is always recommended to download directly from the Microsoft’s official website to avoid any modified or an infected copies of

OpenBSD 4.5 is out!

The new version of OpenBSD 4.5 has been released just in time at the traditional day as we used to 1st May. The OpenBSD 4.5 includes new version of OpenSSH – 5.2 and two new tools ypldap-YP-server for Ldap and

Computing in the Cloud Models- Right Now

In the last months there has been a rapid increase in investment in the Cloud Computing and related areas. This growth is due to the demand for virtual “cloud” resources, the Idea of Cloud Computing is near another approach called