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Microsoft About to Patch Last Year Vulnerability!

Microsoft is preparing for a relatively modest Patch Tuesday with only three security bulletins. Among the three there are only one rated “critical”, while the other two are “important”. The critical bulletin, as well as one of the bulletins classified

Mandriva Flash 2010 – A mobile 3D Desktop on a USB Stick!

Mandriva has released new USB-drive Mandriva Flash 2010, this version of OS will be out in the market by the mid of December. The USB stick have 8GB of storage, 6 GB users can store documents and files while the

New Service to Boot Operating System over Internet

New service allows users to download and install any Linux operating system directly from Internet. Netboot.me is a website that provides a bootable image and burns it to a CD, USB memory stick, or floppy disk that displays a menu

Telnet Fingerprinting

In some cases we fail to find the real information regarding a host on the network. NMAP can be a good scanner but it also can fail to give us the real OS version. Passive fingerprinting is another good way

Quick ways to boost Windows Vista performance

Many people prefer the Linux system than Microsoft due to the operating system performance. Memory is a very important issue for any operating system and controlling the performance of your pc is a must, users always have a big desire