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MobileFileSearch – Tool to Search Files Inside Mobile Device

MobileFileSearch is a tool for Windows that allows you to search files inside a mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) plugged

5 Ways to Protect your Phone from Security Threats

The implications of a lost cell phone go much deeper than the inconvenience (and expense) of replacing that brand-new iPhone 5. Unless you’ve been careful, you could lose inestimable sensitive information — from contact info to emails, passwords, access to

10 Biggest Complaints About Mobile Providers

Like everything else in life, mobile service providers have their good and bad points. In a perfect world, maybe we’d find one with the perfect plan and no down side. Since we aren’t aware of any cell towers in Paradise,

Zeus banking Trojan targets mobile phones too

The Zeus banking Trojan, which targets Windows-based computers, is now being used to target victims’ mobile phones too, according to several researchers. Fortinet said today that it had uncovered new mobile malware dubbed SymbOS/Zitmo, which stands for Zeus in the

New Method for Hacking Mobile Networks can Expose Users Sensitive Info

At Source Conference in Boston new vulnerabilities on GSM mobile network has been demonstrated by Carmen San Diego, Don Bailey, iSec Partners & Nick DePetrillo that allow a person to track any mobile phone across the world. The demo has