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Stinger – Utility to Detect and Remove Specific Malwares

McAfee Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It’s not a substitute for full antivirus protection, but a specialized tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with infected system.

McAfee FileInsight 2.1

FileInsight McAfee – free HEX- editor for Windows. Includes all the standard features HEX- editor . It has convenient interface for editing files in hex ​​and text. Able to read the structure of exe- files and organize them by entry

DeepSAFE Unique Hardware-Assisted Malware Protection

New security solution has been introduced today by MacAfee, DeepSAFE is security platform comes to control and block malwares at the lowest level. According to the company, the platform will provide antivirus under the operating system, in the virtuale layer

McAfee Selling Services that iCloud Does It for Free!

McAfee today announced their software WaveSecure to protect mobile phones iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the security product allows you to remotely delete data or block device from web-portal, as well as to back up your contacts, pictures and videos on

McAfee Q4 Threat Report: Spam in a “Transition Period”

McAfee Security Report for the last quarter of 2010 showed that spam levels reached lowest point since 2006. Compared with the beginning of the year Spams decreased by 62 percent this good result due to stopping Internet service providers that

McAfee 2010 First Quarter Threat Report

McAfee has issued the regular quarterly Threat report, which pointed to major network threats in the first quarter of this year, during this period the biggest threat to computers was USB malicious software. Attackers continue to enjoy the ability to

McAfee Announces Major Initiative to Fight Cybercrime

Security software company McAfee has published yesterday a Multipoint Strategy to Fight Cybercrime. This announcement comes to reduce the National critical infrastructure Risks and have been launched one year ago with a focus on a three key areas Legal Frameworks