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Compromised Tech Support Website Infecting Users

Online Technical support websites are useful for providing assistance to customers. this make user connect to the support website next he will open a support session to resolve his issue with the support engineer. this is the standard way for

MS Office files used to spread malwares

New malware have been observed by TrendMicro that is targeting Microsoft office files. The virus is using windows PowerShell script which is allowed on many environments by system administrator to customize OS configuration. The malware is named CRIGENT and it

Threatglass service to uncover the web threat landscape

Threatglass by Barracuda is a new platform that is created by security researchers to automatically analyze million of websites in the cyberspace. the framework will monitor the malicious activity and include charts and information that will help to detect and

CoreTrace BOUNCER Advanced Endpoint security Product

New video demonstration have been released by CoreTrace about how to stop Reflective Memory Injection attack that provide attacker a full control on victim machine, Tools used in the demo is Metasploit on attacker side machine and windows XP operating

Blackhole Exploit Kit Dominate the Web Threats

Some online advertising companies are doing an organized way in placing their banners, there is a whole marketing team that will contact website owner to ask for placing a banner by just installing a certain plugin. This has been a

Graphing Suspicious URL Relationships

10,000 websites have been compromised to redirect users to a new exploit toolkit called Nice Pack, discovered Wednesday, attempts to take advantage of flaws in users’ third-party apps, such as Java and Adobe, to install the “Zero Access Trojan,”. Malicious

Fake Antivirus Attack Not Out

A new case have been observed by Armorize researchers that discovers  a mass malicious code injection on different vulnerable website on internet, Security lab estimate at least 22,400 unique domains are spreading malwares by including a malicious iFrame-code. Attackers this