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SUDO Auth Bypass Vulnerability

Authentication bypass vulnerability has been discovered in sudo utility, the affected versions are Sudo 1.6.0 through 1.7.10p6 and sudo 1.8.0 through 1.8.6p6 inclusive. The security bug allows an attacker with a physical access to run commands without user’s password. UNIX sudo

Security Advisories for Linux Systems

Several security advisories have been released today that are going to fix vulnerabilities in Linux based systems, the advisories list looks as follows: Red Hat Security Advisory 2012-0475-01 The vulnerability is rated as moderate and it affects Apache Tomcat for

Dust off your Dinosaur Computer

Today all operating systems require a special new hardware that may eliminate your old computer from being used.  I don’t like the idea to ignore a computer that lived for more than 5 years because new operating system and application

Fedora 14 More Developers Features

The Fedora development community announced the official release of Fedora 14, the new version of one of the most popular Linux-distributions, sponsored by Red Hat and supported by the community, – Fedora 14, codenamed Laughlin. This release is a bit

Qubes OS: Security Over Virtualization

Qubes OS is a new operating system aims provide more safety measures to users; the idea behind this operating system is to protect users against new malware as it builds a Security Isolation technique based on the virtualization. To understand

Linux Kernel Root Access Vulnerability Again

On 2007 vulnerability has been discovered in 64-bit Linux kernel system that allowed a local user to gain root privileges using unsafe broadcast 32-bit calls on all Linux kernel. This bug was fixed after a while. Ben Hawkes is the

Keep Your Unix-Based System Safe This Summer (Part2)

System monitoring is the most important method for detecting all kinds of Trojans, viruses and any malicious activities on the system. Maintaining control over file integrity can be acheived by installing a tripewire which has the ability to detect changes