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Duqu Malware Attack Kaspersky Lab Corp

Duqu Malware Attack Kaspersky Lab Corp

Kaspersky Lab have announced over this week a successful malicious attack against the corporate network.  Attack was firstly discovered in the spring of 2015. The report disclosed that cyber criminals used Duqu 2.0 malware to infect companies across several locations

Android hit by a sophisticated malware

New malware was detected over this week by Kaspersky. at first glance the threat seems to be a common malicious file but after investigation and analyses this Trojan goes beyond what was expected. The malware exploit several vulnerabilities on Android system

Kaspersky Site Vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting Assaults

Kaspersky Lab site is now open to XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks together with Iframe injections. This is not good for any company, especially for a company dealing with security. An XSS attack launches when a web program collects vicious data

AV-Test Security Product Review – 2011/Q1

AV-Test released the first quarter report for this year that is dedicated to evaluate 22 security products, the test has been performed on Windows 7 32-bit platform and looks for protection against 0-day malware attacks, the capacity of these software

Zeus Grabbing Kaspersky’s Digital Signatures

Trend Micro threat researchers has reported detecting several malicious web files that are using a strange digital signature which looks like be signed by antivirus company Kaspersky. After analyzing the files and there signatures there has been a clear difference