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7 Reasons Why You Need Internet Monitoring Software

Internet monitoring software should be part of any organization’s defense-in-depth strategy, and can provide your business with several web security benefits. This solution protects your users, your systems, your data, and by extension, your customers, by countering the web threats

Infosec Weekly Roundup, December 12 – 18, 2011

Cisco 2011 Annual Security Report Cisco Security report for this year comes to highlight most important security threats, the good news in this report is the dramatic decline for spam volume but criminals are now using small botnet that are

Infosec Weekly Roundup, November 27-December 4,2011

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Facebook incidents are very common Robert Siciliano provides a simple way that you can use if you feel that someone have used your Facebook account without your permission or you are looking to

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Black Friday: 5 Tips to Stay Safe this Holiday Season The first up is five useful tips from GFI about how to be safe during the holidays, these steps are very important for all your online activities so be sure

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Tunisian Honeynet portal is launched tunCERT have launched their Honeynet portal that include several public information about malwares and cleanup services, portal display and map attacks in the cyberspace. Now you can join LinkedIn group or follow the update on

10 Reasons Social Media is Important to Politicians

Politicians follow wherever voters take them, and today’s voter spends a lot more time than ever before on social networking sites like Facebook. People watch less television, read fewer newspapers and magazines and hardly listen to the radio at all.

Roundup: 4 Most Interesting Infosec Articles

Limiting access to Internet resources can help in mitigate the risk of getting new malware but this will protect only to a certain point. GFI posted an article about why we need to monitor Internet usage within your organization. There