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LogFusion – Real-Time Log Monitoring Made Easy

LogFusion is a useful program for monitoring log files, which simplifies parsing information and highlighting required fields in logs.

USBFT – USB Forensic Tracker

USB Forensic Tracker (USBFT) is a comprehensive forensic tool that extracts USB device connection artifacts from a range of locations within

Instant Messaging History Browser – IM Chat Browser

MiTeC Instant Messaging History Browser is a useful application to display and review message history of popular instant messengers such as Skype, ICQ

FullEventLogView – Event Log Viewer for Windows

FullEventLogView is a useful utility that allows to view and review windows operating system event log. Event logs provide an audit trail

Hashdeep – Cross-platform to Message Digests Files

hashdeep is a cross-platform tool for calculating hashes and message digests for any number of files, supports recursive directory structures traversal.

MobileFileSearch – Tool to Search Files Inside Mobile Device

MobileFileSearch is a tool for Windows that allows you to search files inside a mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) plugged

Recuva – Recover Deleted Files Quickly and Easily

Recuva is a small utility for recovering files that were accidentally or intentionally deleted (lost) from a computer’s hard drives.