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Hacking Approach to VoIP & Skype

Skype certainly provides a very nice way for voice communication and chat, but questions remains: Is the system is secure and reliable? Can outsiders capture the conversation or intercept data? To answer these questions, we will be searching different previous

Sniffing/MITM Attacks on Tor network

Tor is wonderful tool to ensure your privacy on the Internet ,Tor software is a program that you can run on your computer to helps keep you safe on the Internet.Tor prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what

Idenifying the real ip address of a hidden Hacker

I want in this post to discuss some issues concerning proxy uses by hackers and how to address these issues, Many hackers used to hide themselves behind proxies in order to not give IDS’s WAF’s and firewalls the opportunity to

Astalavista.com Owned!

Astalavista website was hacked by hackers referring themselves as anti-sec group. Astalavista used to be a hacking and security community that started in 1994 and was one of the first search engines for exploit and computer security information. It has

L0phtcrack 6: the old guard is back!

After more than three years since Symantec stopped the support and development of L0phtcrack the tool that provided a titanic opportunity for passwords auditing and recovery. Here comes yesterday the same team with the new version L0phtcrack 6. As the

Yemen ranked high on hacking

An international report has put Yemen among the world’s top ten countries with highest rates of computer hacking, ranking it 8th. The report issued by the Business Software Alliance for 2008 on world programming companies noted that hacking rates in

Hacked to Pieces

Jolyon Jenkins investigates whether we have lost the war on cybercrime and looks at a new criminal economy which has grown to feed the demand for our most private details. Jolyon finds that the security details of ordinary members of