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Geek.com Spreading Malwares!

ZScaler informed about an attack on Geek.com a website that has been very popular for online technology resources since 1996. Hackers managed to redirects users to malicious sites and tried to install malicious software on all visitors machine. On Sunday

Twitter Was Owned.. No it was a Compromised DNS trick!

Today Morning Twitter website was out of service for two hours and the reason of this service disruption is a DNS-attack. Many users thought that the website was compromised by hackers from “Iranian cyber army” by exploiting WordPress vulnerabilities but

Hackers break into Salma Hayek's MobileMe account

An anonymous post on the imageboard 4chan.org has provided MobileMe login details for Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, according to Electronic Pulp. The account apparently was not incredibly difficult to hack, carrying the address of shayek@mac.com. The intruders did not need