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‘Emma Watson Private Video Leaked’ is a Facebook Scam

New scam have been spotted by Bitdefeder labs that are circulating on Facebook and come to spread malwares. the link claims to be a video for Emma Watson and this is coming after the personal photo leakage incident on iCloud.

Adobe SWF Investigator – Tool to Debug SWF Applications

Flash programs are widely used on web applications some time they allow web developers to add special animation on the web page or adding banners. Cybercriminals may use the flash to obfuscate malicious files and host on the web malwares.

Adobe Fixed Vulnerability Allows Spy Through Users Webcam

Adobe has released new update for the Flash Player plugin after discovering a new vulnerability makes all users open to a spyware attack. This new bug has been discovered by Feross Aboukhadijeh, Stanford University computer science student and software developer.

Adobe Apologized for a 16 month-old-Bug

Adobe Company has officially apologized for the flash player 16 month old vulnerability that is still not fixed. According to Adobe the bug has been eliminated in the beta flash player 10.1, but there still not yet a stable version