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AV Security Essentials Another FakeAV

New fake antivirus have been reported over this week that is called AV Security essential, this malware will try to trick users as the name is somehow looks like Microsoft Security essential windows based antivirus.  Screenshot for AV Security Essential

Fake Antivirus Attack Not Out

A new case have been observed by Armorize researchers that discovers  a mass malicious code injection on different vulnerable website on internet, Security lab estimate at least 22,400 unique domains are spreading malwares by including a malicious iFrame-code. Attackers this

Password-stealing Trojan Spreading Via Fake Patch Emails

Scammers and cybercriminals are spreading a new malware over email messages, the message contain a link to Firefox software update that claims that it fixes security vulnerabilities in Mozilla browser but definitely link lead to a Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 patch

Fake Antivirus with a Live Technical Support

A New case has been observed by Symantec about sailing a fake antivirus product with real time technical support to victims. After installing the fake antivirus software popup windows open to alert victims about detecting malware with an unusual yellow