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Key generators for several program spreads malware

Fake AV Trojans of family TROJ_GATAK are increasing according to TrendMicro. The malware is masking as key generators for a wildly used programs. Fake antiviruses are programs that simulate an antimalware in order to obtain a compensation for detecting nonexistent

How to Stop Windows Risk Minimizer

Windows Risk Minimizer is another fake antivirus that have been reported by S!Ri , as any fake antivirus the malware will start to display some fake alerts about finding new viruses and malwares to make users purchase a full online

Best Virus Protection is a Fake Malware Notification

Best Virus Protection is a newly observed fake antivirus that is similar to AV Security Essential , from the name of this malware user will be motivated to have the best antivirus software but it is not the case as

Windows Secure Kit 2012 Hits Legitimate Websites

After reporting the windows secure kit 2011 which have been observed on a well ranked websites banner, a new version of this fake antivirus have been released and detected on yahoo advertising network. The interesting that website running this banner

Beware of more rogueware scams

Today two new fake antivirus have been reported by S!Ri , the first is Windows Firewall Constructor and the second Windows Stability Guard, both of them are from the same family but they change their name and what they claim

Windows Secure Kit 2011 Spreads via Malicious Ad Campaign

Malwares and scam software’s are spreading on internet very quickly, Windows Secure Kit 2011 is a well know fake antivirus which will claim that computer is infected by several viruses and malwares and urge users to purchase an online license

Windows Protection Master is a Fake Virus Alert

Windows protection master is a new reported fake antivirus that can infect your computer to start some alerts that it contains spyware, Trojan-Spy, NetTool, PSWTool and more. Such alerts will scare victim and make him purchasing a full license for