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HTTP DoS-attack tool on Apache web server

Robert Hansen, a guru in the field of security, has released a new tool for DoS-attacks, exposing serious Web server’s vulnerabilities including Apache and other servers. Hansen called his tool Slowloris , the most interesting in this utility that it

Phrack #66 is out

Phrake magazine 66 is released, in this number you can find these topics: • Abusing the Objective C runtime • Backdooring Juniper Firewalls • Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 • Persistent BIOS infection • Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap

Hackers are making the Mac a 'first-class target' for Metasploit toolkit

Two well-known Mac hackers are updating a widely used hacking toolkit, making it easier to take control of a Macintosh computer. Over the past few days, the researchers have been quietly adding new software to the Metasploit toolkit, used by

Damn Vulnerable Linux – DVL – Another V.A Platform

Damn Vulnerable Linux is another interesting platform for pen testing and vulnerability assessment, it is created for training purposes to IT-Security professional during a university lessons by the IITAC (International Institute for Training, Assessment, and Certification) and secure software Engineering

BackTrack 4 Beta released 2009

The Remote Exploit Development Team has just announced BackTrack 4 Beta and they consider the version to be stable and usable, there are a lot of new features including: * Kernel with better hardware support. *Native support for Pico

BackTrack 4 Beta – Shmoo release

Backtrack needs no introduction in the security and hacking world. It is an excellent bootable live-CD Linux distribution, with a huge collection of security and hacking tools. After seven months of effort here comes the Remote Exploit Dev team with