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passivedns network sniffer to log DNS query

Domain name servers may contain several type of security vulnerabilities that allow a malicious user to redirect website visitors to a third party website. The attack can be cache poisoning or ARP spoof and this in case that the DNS

Microsoft Brazil Website Hacked!

Microsoft.com.br domain was hacked as hackers managed to point the domain name which belongs to Microsoft Brazil to another webserver owned by hackers that display the message “Ms Brazil 0wn3d by TG”  

Secunia Was Owned or DNS/domain hijacked?

Today Morning Secunia website was out of service and the reason of this service disruption is a DNS-attack. Many users thought that the website was compromised by hackers but that was not the case, the attack was made on the

BIND 9 vulnerable to DoS

Internet Systems Consortium and US-CERT warned of a new vulnerability that concerns DNS-server code, Berkeley Internet Name Domain 9 (BIND9), this vulnerability can lead to system failure in the popular DNS BIND9. Richard Hyatt from Bluecat Networks Inc. alerted of