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Secret Disk Application to Hide Personal Data

Protecting information from unauthorized access or destruction is very important. from the technical point of view this is possible using special security settings and applications, there is a very interesting solution called Secretdisk that do not use any encryption but

MultiObfuscator Protect Your Privacy

To protect any information you need to take some preventive measures, encrypting all sensitive resources will help in the security of these data, However if an attacker have a physical access to this media he will be able to restore

SSLStrip : HTTPS stripping attack

Moxie Marlinspike demonstrated another way to compromise SSL based website at the BlackHat DC 2009,which is the HTTPS stripping tool called SSLStrip. For example if we are looking to check our email on Gmail, we open our browser and we

DNS Poisoning

security researcher Dan Kaminsky who works at security services firm IOActive, said this week at BlackHat that the time may have come for IT vendors and users to consider broad adoption of the more-permanent security protections offered by DNS Security