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Evading Disk Investigation and Forensics

Encrypting files and data is a good way to assure their confidentiality, but this will not prevent a third party person from detecting the encrypted storage.  Researcher at University of Southern California and Computer Sciences from NUST in Pakistan discovered

USB Flash drive Resurrection

People are using removable media storage for different tasks. Step by step they are becoming a very important part of our daily life as the amount of storage capacity, and the critical nature of the data they contain increases. Sometimes

CAINE 2.0 – NewLight is out!

CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution created as a project of Digital Forensics. CAINE is a Ubuntu based computer forensics live CD, mainly used to acquire data of a suspected criminal computer but also useful

Finding the Hidden

If a hacker managed to compromise a server, it can be used for several things like spreading viruses, sending spam, attacking other hosts or steeling and destroying sensitive information stored on the server. Restoring a previous copy of the system

Apache.org: What didn’t work?

Further to the web incident of Apache software foundation in which the website has gone offline on Monday, a presentation has been published to clarify the cause of this incident and measures that have been taken. Providing details can help

New major updates for Sysinternal

Sysinternal announced some major updates for their tools package. The most interesting in these updates is the end life of Filemon and Regmon and adding a number of enhancements for Procmon, including new by-extension and by-directory views in the File