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OSXCollector- Forensic collection & analysis toolkit

OSXCollector is an information gathering and analysis toolkit that you can use for running a forensics against OSX based operating systems. the toolkit include a number of python scripts that create JSON file with information about the targeted system if

CAINE 6.0 – Dark Matter is out!

New release for CAINE 6.0 (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is available and can be downloaded on the official website. CAINE is a live distribution designed for forensic analysis, finding hidden and deleted data on disks and detect information to restore the system. 

OS X Auditor- Mac Forensics Tool

OS X Auditor is a python based computer forensics tool. The tool allows analysts to parse and hash artifacts on the running system or a copy of a system to not modify the original evidence. the program will look at:

WinTaylor an Advanced Digital Forensics Utility

Forensics tools are important to have an idea about activities performed on any computer, sometimes you need to check information on a shared machine or recovering some necessary files. For these purposes and more you can check WinTaylor, free and

Passware Kit 11.3 Tool to crack Apple FileVault Encryption

After introducing the first tool to crack Microsoft bitlocker encryption Passware company have created a new version that help user to have a full access to Mac FileVault disk encryption in a few minutes. Mac OS X has a strong

OSForensics – New Release

We have posted previously about the OSForensics tool that has been in beta version, this utility is very solid in displaying all required information when conducting operating system investigation, According to PassMark Software this new version include several new features:

OSForensics – Digital investigations faster

Every organization is faced by cyber-crime this makes it not surprising that utilities for investigating incidents are rapidly developing. These tools are focused on reviewing temporary file browser that can tell a lot about user activity, search hard disk for