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FileLife Keep your File in Control

Data leakage is a problem that we face at any corporate environment, I remember a case at a Television where a team prepared an interview with a political person, this interview have been saved on the shared server and was

Online Document Management – Protecting Your Confidential Data

Some companies produce more documents than services or products. Business plans, contracts, RFPs and RFQs, financial data… it’s an endless list. Many are created and managed online via the corporate Intranet, but what happens when they need to be transferred

Evading Disk Investigation and Forensics

Encrypting files and data is a good way to assure their confidentiality, but this will not prevent a third party person from detecting the encrypted storage.  Researcher at University of Southern California and Computer Sciences from NUST in Pakistan discovered

Quick Tips on Secure Shell

SSH is a perfect security alternative to Telnet and has been used by system administrators and IT managers to configure and implement servers and network devices, here I wanted to list manual on Secure Shell usage. First let’s start by

TrueCrypt 6.3 Free Open-Source Disk Encryption Software

TrueCrypt one of the popular tools for encrypting and hiding partition under Linux, MacOS and Windows system has released a new version. The new features at this release include: • Full support for Windows 7. • Full support for Mac

Your Privacy in Danger!

This is a really nice report that sky news have made about the computer repairing shops, well if you are going to fix your computer at a third party shop, take off your hard disk and try as much as

Majority of IT businesses see security breaches

The number of security breaches seen by companies during the last 12 months has risen, a new survey has shown. A study by the PGP Corporation showed that 70 per cent of IT businesses have been affected by at least