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UK Household Botnet Infestation

An international study has revealed a staggering 6% of household computers are harbouring malicious botnets. This equates to over one million households in the UK alone being in regular connection to the criminal networks. The botnets attack websites, send spam,

Coca-Cola Norway Website Hacked

Hundreds of websites are hacked on daily bases but when it comes to multinational company with big budgets and investment this will be the first topic on news. Today a Greek hacker defaced first soft drink company Coca cola in

TeamP0ison Leaks Old UN Email Credentials

Teamp0ison a hacking group have managed to breach servers that are belonging to the united nation, more than thousand of email account have been leaked on pastbin that include usernames and passwords for UN employees. Up to now we have

Is Your Organization The Next Targeted Attack?

Article By Rick Lawhorn CISSP, CISA, CHP, CHSS Internet Terrorism, Cyber Security Attacks, electronic terror, “bad guys”…whichever term you may use still means the same thing…groups of people perform targeted attacks on resources to cause harm or disruption for their

Interview with Previous Anonymous Hacker

Anonymous is a rather strange organization in term that it is not really organized. Of course, it is   internationally recognized as hack activist group involved in the protests around the world and penetrates into websites and databases of corporations and

Spammers Raise Their Game

According to new research conducted by M86 Security Labs, number of malicious spams has increased in a significant way in August. Last week spams increased by 13 per cent while this week it has reached the 24%. Majority of these

Suspected LulzSec Hacker ‘Topiary’ Out On Bail

18 year old Jake Davis was arrested on July 27 for suspecting of his involvement in the hacking group Lulzsec. Davis who is supposed to be using Topiary nickname will be free till next August 30. As this date will