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Interview With Nabil Ouchn at Black Hat EU 2012 (Video)

I wanted to share a very interesting interview with Nabil Ouchn co-founder of NETPeas and the person behind the vastly impressive ToolsWatch. The Toolswatch project is one of the first source for open source security tools that help any person

Black Hat USA 2010

By the end of this month in Las Vegas there will be the interesting meeting Black Hat USA 2010, where will be presented new vulnerabilities, tools and programs. BlackHat is the most important and biggest hacking event on the planet,

Blackhat Europe: Fireshark – A Tool To Link the Malicious Web

Stephan Chenette has introduced at BlakHat Europe conference in Barcelona a new utility for Firefox, this plugin called Fireshark. Fireshark is a tool, made up of a Firefox plugin and a set of postprocessing scripts that allows you to capture

It’s Time to fix your Agenda: 2010 Hacking parties

2010 will be remarkable year with many Interesting events, conferences and Underground Security meetings. I tried to list some of the well known security meeting, if you are looking not to miss these events it’s time to start making your

SSLStrip : HTTPS stripping attack

Moxie Marlinspike demonstrated another way to compromise SSL based website at the BlackHat DC 2009,which is the HTTPS stripping tool called SSLStrip. For example if we are looking to check our email on Gmail, we open our browser and we