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AV-Test Security Product Review – 2011/Q1

AV-Test released the first quarter report for this year that is dedicated to evaluate 22 security products, the test has been performed on Windows 7 32-bit platform and looks for protection against 0-day malware attacks, the capacity of these software

Microsoft Security Essentials First Week

Microsoft security Essential the new antivirus solution has been downloaded during the first week by 1.5 million users. The Free Antivirus has been able to detect 4 million malicious software during the period of 29 September to 6 October on

Microsoft AV will be out soon!

Microsoft has released an announcement that the free anti-virus package Security Essentials is now reached the final phase. Microsoft Security Essentials will have the basic requirements for competition among some major security software companies like Symantec and McAfee with a

AVG prepares an Anti-Virus for Mac OS and iPhone

The day when Apple was secured is gone .The increasing popularity of Apple not only attracts fans but also Hackers.After the recent reports of existing vulnerability in iPhones SMS and the keyboard MAC hacking method many security companies are working

Anti-Malware Testing Standard In‐The‐Cloud Security Products

The AMTSO has released a new best practices related to testing the cloud products. This pdf document covers several topics such as virtualization, connection filtering and the repeatability of the tests and an example Methodology for testing in‐the‐Cloud Solutions.Among the

US researchers develop cloud computing virus protection

Most PC owners nowadays know that it is not a good idea to connect a Windows computer to the Internet before you have installed current anti-virus software. But not even the best anti-virus program can catch every virus, and complete