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Interview with Previous Anonymous Hacker

Anonymous is a rather strange organization in term that it is not really organized. Of course, it is   internationally recognized as hack activist group involved in the protests around the world and penetrates into websites and databases of corporations and

Military Meltdown Monday: One more Hit by Anonymous

Anonymous published data obtained from a series of hacker attacks on military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), including 90 000 email accounts of the military. The attack is called Military Meltdown Monday. File size published is about 130 MB and

“Turkish Takedown Thursday” New Anonymous Attack

Antisec again attacked. This time the group has carried out an operation called “Turkish Takedown Thursday”. Anonymous hackers defaced 74 Turkish web sites on behalf of Antisec, leaving the following message on main page of each website: Turkey already arrested

Antisec Attacks on Tunisian Govt are not Justified

Following the last message sent by Anonymous to Government of Tunisia and the attack by LulzSec team that joined Anonymous targeting Tunisian govt website http://www.marchespublics.gov.tn. I had a short conversation with Haythem El MIR (@elmirhaythem), CTO of National agency for