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Vulnerability Update, February 17, 2015

The Vulnerability Update from Secunia Total number of new vulnerabilities in the Top 20* over the 3 month period: 1,357 Vendor with most vulnerable products in the 3 month period: IBM Product with the most vulnerabilities: X.Org XServer And 2015

Adobe critical zero day vulnerability to patch

Adobe has released over this week security updates to fix critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash. The patches are going to address 18 vulnerabilities 15 of them allows remote code execution. CVE 2015-0313 is actively used by attackers to compromise systems

Peepdf Utility for Analyzing Malicous PDF

PDF files are used on many web resources and if we look at malwares we find that attackers always choose to include their malicious JavaScript’s in pdf files. This will help them to hide their malcode, and it can infect

Adobe fixes two exploited vulnerabilities

If you are using Adobe product than there is new update that are going to fix two vulnerabilities can be used by attacker to control windows based system remotely. According to Symantec this bug has been exploited since the first

Adobe Fixed Vulnerability Allows Spy Through Users Webcam

Adobe has released new update for the Flash Player plugin after discovering a new vulnerability makes all users open to a spyware attack. This new bug has been discovered by Feross Aboukhadijeh, Stanford University computer science student and software developer.

60% of Adobe Reader users are Vulnerable

According to Avast Security Company 6 out of 10 Adobe reader users are having a vulnerable version. This because many people think that by enabling automated update on the operating system they are secures. Adobe application is one of the

Adobe Apologized for a 16 month-old-Bug

Adobe Company has officially apologized for the flash player 16 month old vulnerability that is still not fixed. According to Adobe the bug has been eliminated in the beta flash player 10.1, but there still not yet a stable version