T50 – Faster Network Stress Tool

T50 is a tool that you can use to perform “Stress Testing” on a variety of infra-structure network devices (Version 2.45), using widely implemented protocols, and after some requests it was re-designed to extend the tests (as of Version 5.3), covering some regular protocols (ICMP, TCP and UDP), some infra-structure specific protocols (GRE, IPSec and RSVP), and some routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP and OSPF).

T50 - Faster Network Stress Tool
T50 – Faster Network Stress Tool

T50 is a powerful and unique packet injector tool, which is capable to:

  1. Send sequentially the following fifteen (15) protocols:
    • ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol
    • IGMPv1 – Internet Group Management Protocol v1
    • IGMPv3 – Internet Group Management Protocol v3
    • TCP – Transmission Control Protocol
    • EGP – Exterior Gateway Protocol
    • UDP – User Datagram Protocol
    • RIPv1 – Routing Information Protocol v1
    • RIPv2 – Routing Information Protocol v2
    • DCCP – Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
    • RSVP – Resource ReSerVation Protocol
    • GRE – Generic Routing Encapsulation
    • IPSec – Internet Protocol Security (AH/ESP)
    • EIGRP – Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
    • OSPF – Open Shortest Path First
  2. It is the only tool capable to encapsulate the protocols (listed above) within Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE).
  3. Send an (quite) incredible amount of packets per second, making it a “second to none” tool:
    • More than 1,000,000 pps of SYN Flood (+50% of the network uplink) in a 1000BASE-T Network (Gigabit Ethernet).
    • More than 120,000 pps of SYN Flood (+60% of the network uplink) in a 100BASE-TX Network (Fast Ethernet).
    • Perform “Stress Testing” on a variety of network infrastructure, network devices and security solutions in place.
    • Simulate “Distributed Denial-of-Service” & “Denial-of-Service” attacks, validating Firewall rules, Router ACLs, Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System policies.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://gitlab.com/fredericopissarra/t50/

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