SysGauge – System and Resource Monitoring Tool

SysGauge is an interesting and useful program that allow user to monitor operating system activity. This tool will provide a convenient dashboard to view CPU utilization data , Memory RAM consumption, find out how fast data is currently being transferred to the Internet and get you a way to generally see overall OS performance.

SysGauge - System and Application Monitoring  Tool
SysGauge – System and Application Monitoring Tool

The SysGauge GUI application provides a single, customizable GUI module and a number of dedicated GUI modules especially designed for each specific monitoring task such as:

  • System status monitoring,
  • CPU monitoring
  • Memory monitoring,
  • Process monitoring,
  • System status analysis,
  • Disk monitoring,
  • NAS server monitoring
  • Network monitoring.

The tool also allow to connect to remote system that sysadmin wants to monitor. user should provide the name or IP address for the host and start to get the monitoring data. There is a scheduled report feature to generate reports based on time-frame weekly, daily as required.

There is also a notification feature for example to send notification to users when the CPU load exceed the 20% or any other counter. SysGauge allows to setup multiple system monitors with each one configured to perform different types of monitoring operations or monitor multiple computers on the network. In addition, SysGauge allows to customize automatically generated monitoring profiles and create user-custom monitoring profiles from scratch. This is going to be useful when testing new application and software to see the impact of the tested application.

You can read more and download the tool over here:

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