Symantec Detects WoW Game as a Malware

A New update for Symantec Antivirus released by this weekend detects the popular game World of Warcraft as a malicious application.

Instead of playing users were forced to post their issue on the game forum with a description that Symantec AntiVirus takes as a Trojan for stealing user’s data. A number of posts revealed that the problem remains not solved.

According Internet Storm Centre specialists, in last month’s there has been detected a lot of false positive despite the continues improvement of algorithms ,programs and accuracy of Anti-Virus products to protect users from malicious applications and this is due to the explosive growth of different viruses.

Some reports revealed that on a daily bases there is about 50 000 new malware samples, which forces Malware lab to accelerate updating their signature, and sometimes affects the quality of this update as the case of Symantec.

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