Symantec: 96 Percent of Lost Smartphones At Risk

Smartphone Honey Stick is a new project launched by security software company Symantec, Scott Wright conducted this study with about 50 Smartphones left in several cities including New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area in USA and Ottawa with different ways like some of them left in elevators others in public places such as restaurants coffee shops and so on.

Each device distributed contain a special application that will start to log all activities performed and it have no protection measures for authentication, so user just switch on the device and he can start calling or checking files and pictures, this is a good way to have an idea about human behavior in the existing environment.

Actually I feel that this kind of project are very important, now many security professionals are talking about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work , so if  we lose our smartphones at the street and it contains our office documents and information. what will be the result?

The answer is that fifty percent of people that founded these devices contacted the owners, while 96 percent of lost smartphones were accessed by finders and 89 accessed personal applications and information’s beside 70 % accessed and used business information and applications.

Also in the past there have been an interesting report made by the Sky news about the repairing shops in UK, how they are accessing and using customers sensitive information such as pictures and banking credentials.

To protect your devices and information try to encrypt all your sensitive data and be sure to use some advanced applications for tracking your smartphones such as prey  an open source application that you can use to track your computer remotely.

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