Symantec: 100% Increase in New Malicious Software

According to the latest Internet Security Threat Report which has been issued by Symantec, more than 240 million new malicious programs have been observed last year. The study illustrates clearly that cyber criminals increasingly focusing to get help of the online resources to perform their attacks.

The study indicates that most malicious activities are observed in the developing countries which shows that these countries still not well prepared for such crimes and do not invest in the protection against this major threat. And this also has made these countries a source of cyber crime activities since the laws do not prevent these crimes.

Attacking network resources is the most common in the report while browser vulnerabilities exploitation is increasing. Symantec also mentioned an increase in the hacking tools that allows attackers to steal data such as Zeus for seven hundred dollars.

Installing security patches has become more complex because users not only invited to patch vulnerabilities in the operating systems but also in third-party applications and plugins.

You can find the report here.

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