Svchost Process Analyzer Tool to Fix Infected Svchost.exe

Windows operating system runs many processes that may include unknown services or viruses, one of the strange processes is svchost.exe, sometimes you find several processes under this name and you need to understand what they are doing.

They consume a lot of memory footprint and if you kill them all it will not solve the situation as they allow some necessary services on the operating system such as windows firewall or windows defender, for this situation you can take a look at Svchost Process Analyzer, it’s a free tool that require no installation and will add no entries to registry keys. I have executed the program to find about 15 Svchost processes on my computer. (click to enlarge the screenshot)


By selecting any of them you will find services by name, location under the system32 and the status if it is active or not. If you click on the desired service you can find the properties on the DLLs file including size, creation date and all required description.

You can run this tool on Windows Se7en, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 (64 Bit too) and you need just 400 KB free disk space, to install the tool check the following link:

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