ssh-audit – SSH Server Auditing Tool

ssh-audit is a tool to check the ssh server settings and configuration. Verification will include SSH banner, key exchange, encryption, mac, compression, compatibility and any known security vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely.

ssh-audit - SSH Server Auditing Tool
ssh-audit – SSH Server Auditing Tool

Some of the features with this tool are:

  • SSH1 and SSH2 protocol server support;
  • grab banner, recognize device or software and operating system, detect compression;
  • gather key-exchange, host-key, encryption and message authentication code algorithms;
  • output algorithm information (available since, removed/disabled, unsafe/weak/legacy, etc);
  • output algorithm recommendations (append or remove based on recognized software version);
  • output security information (related issues, assigned CVE list, etc);
  • analyze SSH version compatibility based on algorithm information;
  • historical information from OpenSSH, Dropbear SSH and libssh;
  • no dependencies, compatible with Python 2.6+, Python 3.x and PyPy;

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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