SQLMate – Automated SQLi Using Dorks

SQLMate is an advanced tool that you can use to run sql injection vulnerability check online using Dork and it will allow user to find admin panel on targeted system beside hash cracking.

SQLMate -  Automatic SQLi Detection Using Dorks
SQLMate – Automatic SQLi Detection Using Dorks

Online search engines are one of the advanced tools that many coders include in their scope cause it will allow to identify web based vulnerability faster, the second advantage is to avoid many security measure such as WAF or IDS that may prevent scanners and enumeration programs from finding open vulnerability.

This tool will provide the following features:

  • SQL injection dork via –dork option and it will find vulnerable sites next, it will try to find their admin panels and also try to bypass them with SQL queries.
  • It can do very fast hash lookups for MD5, SHA1 and SHA2. You can supply a hash with –hash option. Average lookup takes less than 2 seconds.
  • You can also supply it a txt file containing hashes to be cracked with –list option.
  • The first mode just checks for 13 most common admin panel locations but if you feed a website through –admin option, you can do a full scan using 482 paths.
  • SQLMate has ability to scrap dorks as well. Specify dumping level via –dump option. Using –dump 1 will dump nearly 20 dorks so set the level anywhere between 1-184 as per your needs. SQLMate automatically saves the dorks into a txt file so you can use them later.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/s0md3v/sqlmate

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