Sponsored Bing link leads to Malware

Snapchat an application that can be used for taking pictures, record videos and more. ThreatTrack is now alerting that searching for this application may lead to fake and malicious files.

The observed link is an ad that is on the top of Bing search result and pointing to a suspicious URL videonechat(dot)com. First look at the website you can find a well done page that for snapchat with big download button to attract users. Along with download link there is logo of snapchat.

snapchatdorgemSnapchat fake page by ThreatTrack

After installing the executable file victim will setup several applications such as Realplayer, GreatArcadeHits, Optimizer Pro, Scorpion Saver and Word Overview.

These are not malicious applications but cybercriminal are including adware software for advertising purposes on victim computers this to generate revenue for their business. The suspicious link is still up and is claiming to host more applications like 7zip an open source application.

If you need to install any application make sure to verify the source and use only trusted websites, Keep your security software updated to have the latest signature against malicious applications, use a security software that integrates with your browser to detect suspicious URLs and scans application before they arrive to your computer.

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